Growth Letter - Issue 1/2017

Growing companies

When looking back at the first half of 2017 we are happy to see that many of the companies here at Djäkne have been growing both in turnover and headcount. Companies like United Robots, Youcruit and Hoodin doubled in strength and the central team at the Startup Studio is also growing.

In the last five years, the companies sprung from Djäkne have recruited more than 300 people to full time positions.

Moving out

Youcruit, the recruitment platform provider, moved out from Djäkne in the beginning of the summer to their own place near Lilla torg. They took a leap from seven to twelve people during the spring and were then ready to continue growing in their own place when a great opportunity presented itself. We are very happy with the progress of Youcruit and their successful international expansion. Djäkne will remain involved in the operations.

Looping back

We welcome Carl Grundberg and Marcus Halltorp back from Hittahem, the real estate marketplace acquired by Bonnier in 2016. They were both fully dedicated to Hittahem for several years and played a vital part in the company’s success and we are excited to get the guys back within our walls to focus on new projects.  

New studio ventures

Djäkne has gotten involved as co-founders in a number of new interesting companies recently. They are Aktiebolag Riktiga Konsulter (specialist consultants), Presto Daycare (child care work flow management), Engaging care (e-health), StudyBee (school teacher support), twiik (fitness/e-health) and a few more. We will introduce each of these companies more later.

At Djäkne Startup Studio success is measured in the growth of its startups and having fun. The only products are our growing companies.