Growth Letter - Issue 1/2016


The real estate marketplace Hittahem sees its turnover skyrocket from ~2M in 2014 to ~33M in 2015. The pressure is high, with six new developers already having joined this year, which more than doubles the technical department. HittaHem are looking for more great .NET backend, app developers and web frontenders.

United Robots

The text generation company United Robots recently launched their first product Rosalinda, that writes automated sport articles. The interest from the media industry has been great and several sales discussions are ongoing. Mittmedia, one of the larger media houses in Sweden, is using the automatically generated content already on several of their titles.

Right now Rosalinda is undergoing heavy development to prepare for the football season combined with adding other types of content than sport. United Robots are looking for people interested in data analytics and natural language generation (NLG).


Hoodin announced last week yet another large deal. A joint venture project between Region Skåne, Halland and Kronoberg named Trails of Southern Sweden. They have chosen Hoodin as provider and platform for their digital channels and database system. It’s a massive project where Hoodin will fetch content from and about over 200 trails. Once fetched, Hoodin Smart Content Curator will populate the channel for Trails of Southern Sweden with content such as Points of Interest related to all trails, content published about any specific trail, weather conditions and much more. Hoodin also deliver all front end, including smart maps where users will be able to fav. up places along trails and create and share own routes.

By use of Hoodin compared to traditional methods, the client estimate to save thousands of man hours per year and increase quality of content as such (correctness of opening hours, place descriptions etc) and velocity of content published. Launch of channels, site and apps, are taking place at end of April.

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