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Prolog Coffee Copenhagen

Prolog Coffee Copenhagen

June 29, 2020

Another week has come and we have filled up our shelves with this weeks coffee from: @prologcoffeebar from Copenhagen. They are caring craftsmen on a constant chase for our next coffee high, and balance commitment and curiosity to get there. There is no great cup of coffee without a great beginning. This is why Prolog has committed themselves to work only with passionate farmers who cultivate their coffee plants with dedication.
This week we have these three coffees at Djäkne Kaffebar:

  • El Canelo, Colombia: Tasting notes of Strawberry, blackberry and vanilla.
  • La Higuera, Peru: Taste notes of Pear, plum and black pepper.
  • Chelchele, Ethiopia: taste notes of Peach, jasmine and black tea. 

Come down to our coffee bar to try them out for here or to go.

Website: Prolog, Specialty Coffee in Copenhagen.

Da Matteo Göteborg

Da Matteo Göteborg

June 24, 2020

It has arrived! Our weekly coffee from @damatteo Gothenburg. In 1993 Matts Johansson started the café Java that later in 2003 would become Da Matteo. With the vision of roasting their own coffee with a mixture of nordic and Italian coffee shops they started in July 2007 to roast on their own.

This week we present to you these three coffees:

-Modern Espresso, Lyula AA- Mbozi Tanzania. Flavour profile: Sweet & lean with tones of citrus and mandarin.
-Juan Saldarriaga #3 - Boliviar Colombia. Flavour tones: Floral & fresh with notes of red apples and vanilla.
-Gakuyuini AA - Kirinyaga Kenya. Flavour profile: Juicy & sweet with tones of black currant.

Da Matteo - kaffeföretag i hjärtat av Göteborg

Muttley & Jack’s

Muttley & Jack’s

June 15, 2020

Our friends Muttley & Jack from Stockholm is back and this time they bring some (as always) amazing coffee. Jack spent 15 years working with humanitarian and environmental not-for profit organisations before devoting himself full-time to his passion for speciality coffee. Jack began coffee roasting some years back while spending time on a Rwandan coffee farm. Since then he has sought to understand more about the complex, wonderful alchemy that goes into creating a perfectly roasted bean. Jack won the silver medal in the Swedish Coffee Roasting Championships in 2017.

This week we will have these great coffees to buy and try here at Djäkne:

Dhilgee Chelbesa #1 - Ygracheffe Gedeb Ethiopia - Microlot.

Fully washed, 1950-2100 asl. Flavor profile: Bergamot, Hibiscus and plum.

Chigalagala - Kasese, Uganda - Microlot.

Natural,1500-2000 all. Flavorprofile: Nectarine, Pineapple & funk.

Finca la Palta - Huabal, Peru - Microlot.

Fully washed, 1742 all. Flavor profile: Caramel, cranberry and vanilla.

For more information check out:

Drop Coffee Stockholm

Drop Coffee Stockholm

June 7, 2020

During this week we welcome Drop Coffee Stockholm on the shelves at Djäkne Kaffebar.Drop Coffee Roasters are dedicated to really tasty and sustainably produced coffee, the Drop Coffee crew visit all producers it's buying coffee from. All coffee is carefully roasted with complete focus on the sweetness and vibrancy of each unique coffee, always striving for a clarity in the coffee, without ashy roast flavours.

We selected the following coffees for you:

-Hunkute, Ethiopia. Drop coffees own favourite for the last seven years. Flavour profile: Bright citrus and white floral notes and a peachy, lemon curd like sweetness, with a black tea finish.

-Teodocio Mamani, Bolivia. Flavour profile: A creamy and sweet coffee reminding of chocolate milk, notes of roasted hazelnuts and a hint of orange marmalade. A lingering sweet finish of prune juice.

-Finca Nejapa, El Salvador: Flavour description: A juicy cup with light to medium body and a bit of a citric acidity. This coffee reminds of yellow pear with hazelnut, a hint of cranberry and an aftertaste of mint chocolate.

For more information check out:

Morgon Coffee Göteborg

Morgon Coffee Göteborg

May 31, 2020

During this week we have Morgon Coffee Roasters from Göteborg at Djäkne kaffebar. For the people at Morgon speciality coffee is a product of extensive care and dedication, passed down from several generations. Morgon wants to honour that work by interfering as little as possible, roasting carefully to bring out, and not weigh down the flavours. And by doing so, the coffee can tell its own story - coloured by its own heritage.

During this week we will surprise you with the following coffee:

- Ricardo Tavares - Brazil, Chapada de Minas. Taste notes: Round with notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut.

- Refisa - Ethiopia, Nensebo. Taste notes: Complex and floral with notes of peach and grape fruit.

- Daniel Muñoz- Colombia, San Augustín. Taste notes: Elegant and juicy with notes of clementine and Earl Grey.

For more information check out the Morgon website: MorgonCoffeeRoasters

Kafferäven Per Nordby

Kafferäven Per Nordby

May 24, 2020

During this week we have coffee from Per Nordby in our coffeegrinder at Djäkne. Per Nordby is a coffee roastery located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Per is one of the biggest coffee enthusiasts I have ever met and often visiting coffee farms all over the world to meet with farmers and look for producers that share the passion for coffee and take pride in their work.

We are happy to present the following coffees at our shelves for the coming week:

-Guji Gigesa: Roasted coffee beans from Ethiopia. Bold and sweet,
blueberry, fruity cacao.

-Rushashi: Roasted coffee beans from Rwanda. Sweet and juicy, strawberry and dried fruit.

-Espresso A - Adventure: Creamy mouthfeel, cherry, blueberry, lingering aftertaste.

-Gatomboya: Roasted coffee beans from Kenya. Juicy mouthfeel, lime, hibiscus, lingonberry.

-Yemerson: Roasted coffee beans from Costa Rica. Sweet and balanced, caramel, yellow pear.

Website for more information:

Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters

Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters

May 17, 2020

During this week we have Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters on our shelves at Djäknegatan number 9. ☕️Gringo Nordic is a curious little coffee roasting company in Gothenburg, Sweden.🇸🇪 The roastery is established in May 2018 and committed to make great coffee.

During this week we have the following coffee for you to choose from:

- Kongo Kivi Kabuya: This coffee comes from an award-winning cooperative that has finally put Congo on the coffee map. They have really worked hard, they have planted new coffee trees, trained the farmers and have a rigorous quality control at harvest. Their coffee really has a unique taste. It has the lightness and elegance of an Ethiopian coffee, and the acidity and body of a classic Kenya. This is an amazingly tasty coffee and we find rhubarb, grape and vanilla in its character.

- Colombia La Tierra Primo Natural: A coffee with lower acidity, and a little more fullness and sweetness. The result is a really smooth coffee with subtle fruit tones. Taste: SWEET BERRIES / FRUITY / FULL BODY

- Brasil Alta Vista Honey: Alta Vista is a farm that has won awards in a variety of coffee competitions, including the Cup of Excellence. In this lot, the coffee has been dried in its own sugar and has a soft, sweet and smooth character. Good both as pour over & Espresso. Taste: CARAMEL / CREAMY / MILK CHOCOLATE


Koppi Helsingborg

Koppi Helsingborg

May 10, 2020

New week means New Coffee at Djäkne Kaffebar. This week we will surprise you with coffee from Koppi Coffee Roasters in Helsingborg. #Supportyourlocals.

This week we have three different coffees to choose from.


Costa Rica - La Lia. Flavour notes: Caramel, sweet fruit, chocolate.


Colombia - Esnaider Ortega. Flavour notes: Dark cherries, almonds, berry juice.

Brazil - Fazenda Minahinara. Flavour notes: Caramel, milk chocolate, marzipan.

For more information:

Love Coffee Lund

Love Coffee Lund

May 3, 2020

During this week we continue with another week of Love Coffee from Lund. #supportyourlocals

Love Coffee is a roastery that we work with on a regular basis. During this week we present different filter coffees on our shelves.
-Limu Gera: Single origin filter coffee from Ethiopia. Taste: White Flowers, Citrus, Honey, Delicate.
-Wote: Filter coffee from YirgaCheffee, Ethiopia. Taste: Delicate, Citrus, Tealike Florals, Tropical Fruit.
-Don Eli: Filter Coffee from Costa Rica. Taste: Smooth, Peach, Red grapes, Almonds.
-Anferara: Single Origin espresso coffee from Guji, Ethiopia. Taste: Vibrant, Sweet, Citrus, Red Berries, Floral, Smooth.
Website for more information:

Love Coffee Lund

Love Coffee Lund

April 28, 2020

Back your locals! This is what we try to do with an extended offering from Love Coffee Roasters. During this week we are happy to serve Love Coffee from Lund. Love Coffee is a roastery that we work with on a regular basis. During this week we present different filter coffees on our shelves.

-Limu Gera: Single origin filter coffee from Ethiopia.

-Wote: Filter coffee from YirgaCheffee, Ethiopia.

-Don Eli: Filter Coffee from Costa Rica.

-Anferara: Single Origin filter coffee from Guji, Ethiopia.

Website for more information: