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Kafferäven Per Nordby

Kafferäven Per Nordby

May 24, 2020

During this week we have coffee from Per Nordby in our coffeegrinder at Djäkne. Per Nordby is a coffee roastery located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Per is one of the biggest coffee enthusiasts I have ever met and often visiting coffee farms all over the world to meet with farmers and look for producers that share the passion for coffee and take pride in their work.

We are happy to present the following coffees at our shelves for the coming week:

-Guji Gigesa: Roasted coffee beans from Ethiopia. Bold and sweet,
blueberry, fruity cacao.

-Rushashi: Roasted coffee beans from Rwanda. Sweet and juicy, strawberry and dried fruit.

-Espresso A - Adventure: Creamy mouthfeel, cherry, blueberry, lingering aftertaste.

-Gatomboya: Roasted coffee beans from Kenya. Juicy mouthfeel, lime, hibiscus, lingonberry.

-Yemerson: Roasted coffee beans from Costa Rica. Sweet and balanced, caramel, yellow pear.

Website for more information:

Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters

Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters

May 17, 2020

During this week we have Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters on our shelves at Djäknegatan number 9. ☕️Gringo Nordic is a curious little coffee roasting company in Gothenburg, Sweden.🇸🇪 The roastery is established in May 2018 and committed to make great coffee.

During this week we have the following coffee for you to choose from:

- Kongo Kivi Kabuya: This coffee comes from an award-winning cooperative that has finally put Congo on the coffee map. They have really worked hard, they have planted new coffee trees, trained the farmers and have a rigorous quality control at harvest. Their coffee really has a unique taste. It has the lightness and elegance of an Ethiopian coffee, and the acidity and body of a classic Kenya. This is an amazingly tasty coffee and we find rhubarb, grape and vanilla in its character.

- Colombia La Tierra Primo Natural: A coffee with lower acidity, and a little more fullness and sweetness. The result is a really smooth coffee with subtle fruit tones. Taste: SWEET BERRIES / FRUITY / FULL BODY

- Brasil Alta Vista Honey: Alta Vista is a farm that has won awards in a variety of coffee competitions, including the Cup of Excellence. In this lot, the coffee has been dried in its own sugar and has a soft, sweet and smooth character. Good both as pour over & Espresso. Taste: CARAMEL / CREAMY / MILK CHOCOLATE


Koppi Helsingborg

Koppi Helsingborg

May 10, 2020

New week means New Coffee at Djäkne Kaffebar. This week we will surprise you with coffee from Koppi Coffee Roasters in Helsingborg. #Supportyourlocals.

This week we have three different coffees to choose from.


Costa Rica - La Lia. Flavour notes: Caramel, sweet fruit, chocolate.


Colombia - Esnaider Ortega. Flavour notes: Dark cherries, almonds, berry juice.

Brazil - Fazenda Minahinara. Flavour notes: Caramel, milk chocolate, marzipan.

For more information:

Love Coffee Lund

Love Coffee Lund

May 3, 2020

During this week we continue with another week of Love Coffee from Lund. #supportyourlocals

Love Coffee is a roastery that we work with on a regular basis. During this week we present different filter coffees on our shelves.
-Limu Gera: Single origin filter coffee from Ethiopia. Taste: White Flowers, Citrus, Honey, Delicate.
-Wote: Filter coffee from YirgaCheffee, Ethiopia. Taste: Delicate, Citrus, Tealike Florals, Tropical Fruit.
-Don Eli: Filter Coffee from Costa Rica. Taste: Smooth, Peach, Red grapes, Almonds.
-Anferara: Single Origin espresso coffee from Guji, Ethiopia. Taste: Vibrant, Sweet, Citrus, Red Berries, Floral, Smooth.
Website for more information:

Love Coffee Lund

Love Coffee Lund

April 28, 2020

Back your locals! This is what we try to do with an extended offering from Love Coffee Roasters. During this week we are happy to serve Love Coffee from Lund. Love Coffee is a roastery that we work with on a regular basis. During this week we present different filter coffees on our shelves.

-Limu Gera: Single origin filter coffee from Ethiopia.

-Wote: Filter coffee from YirgaCheffee, Ethiopia.

-Don Eli: Filter Coffee from Costa Rica.

-Anferara: Single Origin filter coffee from Guji, Ethiopia.

Website for more information:

Giraffe Coffee Roasters

April 14, 2020

Giraffe Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roastery from Rotterdam, Holland. They try standing out with their coffee by offering great flavours and combining this with a very personal approach. They think education and taste are the best way to show people great coffee. By offering an extensive SCA training program and by always striving to find the best coffee they can, they have made a name for themselves since they started in 2013. They have won several prizes and their coffee is sold through a wide range of fine-dining restaurants and specialty coffee shops.

Michael roasting a batch of green coffee on a Probat Roaster.


These are the coffees will be featuring from Giraffe this week:


Name: Finca San Martin

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed after fermentation

Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Tasting Notes: Fruity, cassis, vanilla


Name: Inga Aponte

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed

Origin: Nariño, Colombia

Tasting Notes: Sweet, chocolate, pecans


Name: Kayumbu

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Natural

Origin: Kamonyi, Rwanda

Tasting Notes: Lactic, cream, strawberry

Hand Brew

Name: Radiophare

Variety: Catimor, Line S, Typica

Process: Washed

Origin: Java-Sunda, Indonesia

Tasting Notes: Spicy, star anise, liquorice

Long time since we had a typica at Djäkne! Come and check it out on a Chemex or a V60 pour-over :)

Thanks to Giraffe's team: Mark, Maarten, Leslie, Michael, Tilly, Daniel, Corine, Nazli, David and Marloes!

You can find more information:


March 30, 2020

Keen is a micro-roastery based in Utrecht. Founded by Bonne & Rob, whose goal is to lift the coffee scene to an even higher level.

They are constantly searching for the best coffees and the most unique flavor profiles. They work directly with farmers, sampling their coffees through cuppings, selecting new crops, and supporting new, innovative projects to improve the quality of our coffees.

They roast on a Loring because it’s advanced technical design ensures maintaining consistently high quality with every batch. Roasting with the Loring is also more efficient and improves the longevity of the beans, meaning that coffees are at their best if brewed at least 10 days after they’re roasted.


Origin: Jauja, Peru.

Name: Agua de Nieve

Variety: Typica, caturra, bourbon

Process: Fully washed

Tasting Notes: Juicy and sweet! A layered coffee that starts with grapey acidity and sweet tropical lychee notes, then rounds things out with a milk chocolaty finish.


Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Name: Ye Genet

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: This natural coffee is super clean and strikingly juicy. Ye Genet has floral and fruity tasting notes that fluctuate depending on the temperature at which it’s served. We tasted lavender & rose, strawberry and mandarin. We were surprised by an overall finish that’s reminiscent of tea.


Origin: Kiambu, Kenya.

Name: Githembe

Variety: SL28, SL34 & Biatan

Process: Fully Washed

Tasting Notes: Classic Kenyan profile and the beautiful flavours of black currants and blueberries. Look out for the smooth acidity of sweet lime and a creamy body.

Hand Brew

El Diamante Azul made Mathieu Theis win the Swiss Barista Cup and reached the World Barista Finals in 2019.

Origin: West Valley, Costa Rica.

Name: El Diamante

Variety: Caturra & Catuai

Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Tasting Notes: The unique natural anaerobic fermentation process, used to create this coffee, is intriguing and complex. It comes with tones of cinnamon, lemon, pastry, cacao, rum-raisins, apple, molasses.

Bonne & Rob tasting some delicious coffee :)

Looking forward to sharing some incredible Keen coffee experience with you this week! You can find more information:


March 16, 2020

Friedhats is a micro roastery based in Amsterdam, composed by Lex Wenneker and Dylan Sedgwick. Focused on providing consistent, high quality roasted coffee beans. Sourcing it based on flavour. Roasting it to accentuate its natural characteristics. Training people to make sure everyone can taste all that our coffees have to offer and all the while, trying to actually improve the lives of the people growing and producing the coffee all around the world.


Origin: Arsi, Ethiopia.

Name: Gora Kone

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Juicy body and a milk chocolate sweetness with notes of lime and blackberry.


Origin: Cerro el Aguila, El Salvador.

Name: Finca El Salvador

Variety: Red Bourbon

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Delicious with syrupy notes of boozy chocolate bonbons and prunes.


Origin: Nariño, Colombia.

Name: El Desvelado

Variety: Colombia, Caturra & Castillo

Process: Fully Washed

Tasting Notes: Very sweet with notes of apricot and peach, plum and oolong tea-like finish.

Hand Brew

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Name: Semeon Abay

Variety: Heirloom

Process: in-bag fermentation

Tasting Notes: Pineapple and mango, peach, strawberry, dark chocolate and cacao nibs.

Without a doubt Friedhats's packaging and brand is fun, colourful and unique. Come and check them out at Djäkne!

Check out more about them at



March 9, 2020

Rum Baba micro coffee roastery is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.🇳🇱 The roastery focuses on the characteristics and origin of the coffee, while seeking the right flavour balance.

The guys at Rum Baba continuously look out for great coffee with special flavour profiles and special origin characteristics. ☕️
Before roasting they select the coffee at farm level, knowing exactly where and how the coffee is processed, and striving for a sustainable production chain with mutual benefit.

Besides the fun and colourful packaging Rum Baba also has a bakery where they make bread and cakes.🍞🍰🍩🍪

During week 11 we serve the following coffees:

Espresso Name: Boji Variety: Mixed Heirloom

Process: Natural

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, floral, complex, medium acidity.

Filter Name: Los Idolos Variety: Caturra & Colombia

Process: Washed Origin: Nariño, Colombia.

Tasting Notes: Cherry, lemon peel, prune juice, tropical fruit, clean cup.

Name: Peru Florentino Variety: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Pache

Process: Washed Origin: Satipo, Peru.

Tasting Notes: Sweet pineapple, red apple, toasted hazenut, super clean cup. Hand

Brew Name: Ismael Serrano Variety: Catuai, Caturra Process: Anaerobic fermentation

Origin: Terrazú, Costa Rica.

Tasting Notes: Sweet & juicy, five spices, your grandma's apple pie.

More information: → 

Manhattan Coffee Roasters

Manhattan Coffee Roasters

March 2, 2020

During this week we are glad to have Manhattan Coffee Roasters from Rotterdam in The Netherlands on our shelves.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters is based in The Netherlands harbor city of Rotterdam. Run by long time coffee professionals and multiple barista championship winning barista’s Ben Morrow and Esther Maasdam.

The name Manhattan Coffee Roasters is inspired by the history of the harbor of Rotterdam. In particular the Holland America line that sailed from Rotterdam to New York. Rotterdam is situated next to the river Maas and being the only modern city with a gorgeous skyline in The Netherlands, it is locally named “Manhattan aan de Maas”.

As the coffee of the week we selected one espresso and three filter coffees.

-Manhattan Kinini -Espresso- Origin: Rwanda. The espresso tastes like raspberry, red fruit and baked orange.

-Manhattan Tres Barras -Filter coffee- Origin: Brazil. The filter coffee tastes like peanut brittle, milk chocolate and is smooth in the mouth.

-Manhattan Ponderosa -Filter coffee- Origin: Panama. The filter coffee tastes like melon, rock candy and is a bit juicy.

-Manhattan Fabio 'Leo' Garcia -Filter coffee- Origin: Colombia. The filter coffee tastes a bit floral with tone of red apple and lays round in the mouth.