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May 21, 2019

Yes sadly this is the last week of Norwegian coffee month, BUT closing this month by entering the stage is the Jacu coffee roastery from Ålesund, Norway. JACU named for a bird that eats coffee cherries.

Originally opened 2011 The people behind JACU, Oliver Hanken, Anne Birte Hanken and Gunnar Lillevold, Jacu roasts on their Giesen W15 and distributes great coffee to Norway, and of course here with us at Djäkne! The roastery is located in an old transformer station, and with their background in art and design they also use the roastery as an art gallery. 

This week we’re very proud to be offering 2 different Jacu coffees for you to taste and buy here at Djäkne:

  • Filter: Ethiopia Suke Quto
  • Espresso: El Salvador El Naranjo

And that concludes our Norwegian coffee month so do not hesitate to come down to us at Djäkne and try some great coffee with us!

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May 12, 2019


Ok so what’s new on the horizon for Norwegian coffee month? Well it’s no other than Langøra kaffebrenneri! Located in Hjelseng Farm in Stjørdal, Norway. Langøra select and purchases traceable speciality coffees, in season, with characteristic flavour profiles. As said by Langøra: “The quality of coffee depends on factors such as region, terroir, variety and processing. Together they contribute to each coffee's unique flavour. Through the roasting process the team at Langøra want to highlight these characteristics, so that the natural flavours and aromas of the coffee are preserved. “

We here at Djäkne Kaffebar are proud to highlight Langøra in our Norwegian coffee month and these are the two coffees we will be serving and selling:

Sidamo Bensa - Ethiopia, Fully Washed, altitude 2000-2300 m.a.s.l. Taste of raspberry,floral,black tea and Jasmin. 

Espresso Tade - Ethiopia, fully washed, altitude 2300 m.a.s.l. Taste of Jasmin, sweet citrus and honey.

So don’t wait, run down to us at Djäkne and try these awesome coffees and have a nice chat about coffee or anything you like basically. 

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May 5, 2019


Ok so 2nd week of Norwegian coffee month is here and let us present Kaffa Oslo!

Established in 2005 by Robert William Thoresen, World Barista Champion of 2000. Their coffee is roasted in the nordic style to enhance the flavors of origin and variety. They are roasting coffee that is available and accessible to coffee lovers across all skill levels. KAFFA is for people. To make traceable and great coffee, Robert William og Bjørnar started Collaborative Coffee Source. They buy and sell green coffee all over the world to be a part of good quality and the right working conditions in making  specialty coffee. 

This week we’ll have three different coffees here at Djäkne Kaffebar:

Hallo Fuafuate - Ethiopia, tones of dragon fruit, floral, and sugar cane. 

São Joaquim - Brazil, tones of nougat, raisins and cacao. 

Frontera De Acevedo- Colombia, tones of juices, marzipan, citrus, cherries and cacao. 

So as you can see this is a great couple of coffees we can offer here at Djäkne for you to try and buy, so get down here and enjoy them with us!

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April 28, 2019


Ok so the Uk-month is over now we let Norway take the stage for the upcoming four weeks! And the first one to enter Djäkne Kaffebar is no other than Tim Wendelboe. Based in Oslo Tim Wendelboe has won countless awards for coffee roasting/barista championships and the list goes long. As said by Tim: “ Our goal is to be among the best coffee roasters and espresso bars in the world and to be a preferred source for quality coffee, knowledge and innovation.”

If there’s something you can trust is that it’s just that you can expect from the coffees we have to offer here at Djäkne this week. 

These are the following coffees we have:

Espresso - CABALLERO, Honduras, Washed with tones of milk chocolate,plums and dried fruits.

Filter - KARINGA, Kenya, Washed with tones of black currant and rose hips.

Hurry hurry down and try them at Djäkne Kaffebar!

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April 23, 2019


Last week of UK-month and Workshop coffee is the star of this weeks stage. 

Since they opened the doors in April of 2011 they’ve been focusing all of their efforts on sourcing, roasting and serving coffee at a constantly higher standard. They believe the best coffee possible requires participation in all stages of production; from frequent and repeated visits to partners in producing countries, dedicated and focused in-house roasting.

This week we have the following coffees:

Gitesi espresso- Rwanda. Fruity with black grape, raspberry, liquorice and brown sugar. 

Villa Clabelina - Colombia. Tropical cocktail, watermelon, lime, pineapple.

El Encanto - Colombia. Fudge, milk chocolate, dark berry and apples.

Ramiro Granda - Ecuador. Tropical, citrus and guava.

Hurry down to us at Djäkne and try them!

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April 14, 2019


Yes a new week and this time around we present Cloud Picker Roastery from Dublin.

Established in 2013 by Frank Kavanagh & Peter Sztal. The name Cloud Picker came from our trip to Northern Thailand where we visited a coffee farm in the Doi Chang area on the Thai / Burma border and where we went up through the clouds to see the coffee pickers! Cloud Picker is Dublin City’s first micro coffee roastery. They hand roast to order on the esteemed Giesen roaster. Borne from passion, curiosity and the quest to create a unique coffee product for the Irish market, and now this week Malmö Sweden. This week we offer four different coffees here at Djäkne Kaffebar:

Finca El Roble - Honduras, Washed with tones of Cocoa, green apple and malt. 

Nigatu Wesy - Ethiopia, Natural with tones of raspberry, pomegranate, rum & raisin.

Karimikui AA - Kenya, Fully Washed with tones of black currant jam, red grape and oolong tea. 

Doi Saket - Thailand, natural, with tones of papaya, blueberry and cashew.

Welcome to us at Djäkne and try the coffees and maybe have an good chat about coffee or other interesting things!

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April 9, 2019


Djäkne UK-month continues and this week we present to you Round Hill Roastery.

In 2012 Eddie Twitchett the founder of Round Hill Roastery was a rather enthusiastic home brewer, dreaming of one day roasting coffee. Starting out in a small industrial building no bigger than a garage Eddie was roasting and selling for the Bath farmers market every week. Round Hill is now a small team and we have moved to a larger roastery and we’re happy to have three different kinds of coffee here at Djäkne: starting with

La Palma Eapresso, shade grown washed with tones of crisp apple, pecan, and dark chocolate.

Mehembe, fully washed with tones of blackberry, grape and cocoa nibs.

Nima Silas, fully washed with tones of pink grapefruit, sherbet and black tea.

So it’s no doubt you should come down to us at Djäkne and try them out! If you want to read more please visit:



April 1, 2019

WEEK 14: & BLOSS COFFEE Ok the swedish coffee roasters has ended and now we give room for The UK to enter the stage. This week we’re presenting from Ashford, UK “& bloss”. The word ‘bloss’, is an old Irish word that means tasty and flavourful. The Gaelic Irish proverb “Bee-on bloss err on myah-gon” translates as – even just a small amount can bring great flavour. & Bloss buys forest Grown products, which helps sustain natural environments in the growing regions. That’s good for the environment and us ! The co-founder Michael Adler Has 3 years of coffee industry experience and 10 years of experience in the corporate world. Q-grader and artisan products enthusiast.“ And he’s bringing us two coffees this week: MYANMAR BLACK HONEY, shade grown, medium roast, rich fruity coffee with a cupping score or 85. MYANMAR FULLY WASHED, shade grown, medium roast, very bright coffee from the highlands of Shan state, with a cupping score or 84. There’s no doubt we’ll have a great experience with & Bloss. Hurry down to us at Djäkne and experience the collaboration “Djäkne & Bloss” ! If you sant to read more please visit:



March 25, 2019

WEEK 13: BLEKINGE SPECIALTY COFFEE Alright awesome people, once again a new week has come with new roaster in our coffee shop! This week Blekinge is back with a new logo and let’s see what the founder Henrik Arvidsson have for us this week. Starting out with our espresso, SM KAFFE BLEND - Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. Second up, RWANDA, Light roasted. Fully washed, intense elegant acidity, fruity and juicy with peach, dark cherries and chocolate. And lastly KENYA - Light roast. Intense elegant acidity, juicy and fruity with blueberry and black currant. As you can see it’s a no brainer to come down to us at Djäkne and try one or all of them! If you want to read more about Blekinge specialty coffee,visit:



March 18, 2019

WEEK 12: MORGON COFFEE ROASTERS. Yes now the week has come and we welcome back Morgon coffee roasters from Gothenburg to Djäkne! Morgon has recently moved out from Gringo to their own roastery and of course we’re all excited to see what they will bring to the coffee scene. Morgon Is a small gang consisting of Markus Vestergaard, Gabriella Runesson and Christian Gullbrandsson. They get to work side by side with inspiring and hardworking producers, baristas and businesses that share their vision to create a unique experience. They believe that it’s in the collaboration with other people, with different knowledge and different stories, that you can create something that is the true meaning of special. This week we have three special coffees here at Djäkne: COLOMBIA TOLIMA: Washed Catura & Castillo, intense, red apple and grapefruit. COLOMBIA PALESTINA: Washed Catura, cherry, tropical fruit and caramel. COLOMBIA ACEVEDO: Washed pink bourbon, creamy, structured and jasmine. No doubt you should come down and try them with us at Djäkne!