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This week we are featuring a roaster from Zagreb, Croatia: Cogito Coffee – Specialty Coffee Roasters.

Djäkne will be featuring three of their coffees, one as espresso and two as filter. 

The way we have been featuring the coffee from a roaster may be thought of in this manner: One filter coffee will be bright and acidic and, the other, round with deep sweetness. The coffee on espresso extends and complements the flavors found in the filter coffee.  

On Filter we will have their Costa Rican Don Eli La Pastora Tarrazú as well as their Ethiopian Anasora Kelloo Lot #2.

Tasted from a 3-Cup Chemex with the Brew Ratio of 21g coffee to 315g HOH – The Costa Rican (grind setting at 23 on the Wilfa Uniform) has a thin body and flavors of granny smith apple, cardamom, agave, corn flake and the Ethiopian  (grind setting at 25 on the Wilfa Uniform) has a round body, with notes of apricot, honey, chamomile, and gives a dry floral finish.  

As Espresso we will be featuring their Colombian El Encanto. This presents notes of orange peel, cherry, clove, and nougat.  


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Coffee is comprised of relationships: ecological, social, economic, international… To simplify the massive web constitutive of the coffee industry, and to make Djäkne a node of specialty coffee in Malmö, we are glad to announce that we will be cycling through our ‘featured’ list of roasters. The list will feature roasters we have ordered from before but we will also continue to add to our ever-growing list of featured roasters. Djäkne will continue to seek the unheard of roasters which are found in the most unlikely of places, the ‘hidden gems’ of the coffee industry. We look for these mirco-roasters more  than the already known ones because these Roasters that have an original approach to coffee, see flavor as something more than just flavor and, in this manner, do their roasting thing unconventionally – uncompromising. They emphasize and express – that is, they advocate for – the subtle flavors that make each coffee a unique experience. We seek roasters that source unique coffees and roast with the flavor intrinsic to the bean in mind. To summarize, repeat and clarify the message of this paragraph, this week we are featuring Cogito Coffee at Djäkne Kaffebar. 

As a final note to the blog post this week, I would like to start a mailing list for the Coffee Community in Malmö. In this I will provide a list of the roasters that will be featured at Djäkne throughout the month. Additionally, I could order a specific coffee from the roaster for you to be shipped with our coffee to the shop. And, I would like for this  Community to be a mode of communication so that if you have a Specialty Coffee Roaster that you would like to suggest to be featured at Djäkne, we would love to check them out!   

How to get involved with the Djäkne Coffee Community:

  • If you would like to suggest an EU roaster to us please send an email to or tag the roaster on our instagram.
  • If you would like to be  part of our ordering list please stop by the shop and sign-up with the Barista.
  • If  you would like to reserve a bag of beans from a roaster stop by the shop or send an email to  federico@djä

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