Giraffe Coffee Roasters

2 years ago

Giraffe Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roastery from Rotterdam, Holland. They try standing out with their coffee by offering great flavours and combining this with a very personal approach. They think education and taste are the best way to show people great coffee. By offering an extensive SCA training program and by always striving to find the best coffee they can, they have made a name for themselves since they started in 2013. They have won several prizes and their coffee is sold through a wide range of fine-dining restaurants and specialty coffee shops.

Michael roasting a batch of green coffee on a Probat Roaster.


These are the coffees will be featuring from Giraffe this week:


Name: Finca San Martin

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed after fermentation

Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Tasting Notes: Fruity, cassis, vanilla


Name: Inga Aponte

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed

Origin: Nariño, Colombia

Tasting Notes: Sweet, chocolate, pecans


Name: Kayumbu

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Natural

Origin: Kamonyi, Rwanda

Tasting Notes: Lactic, cream, strawberry

Hand Brew

Name: Radiophare

Variety: Catimor, Line S, Typica

Process: Washed

Origin: Java-Sunda, Indonesia

Tasting Notes: Spicy, star anise, liquorice

Long time since we had a typica at Djäkne! Come and check it out on a Chemex or a V60 pour-over 🙂

Thanks to Giraffe’s team: Mark, Maarten, Leslie, Michael, Tilly, Daniel, Corine, Nazli, David and Marloes!

You can find more information: