Per Nordby

2 years ago

Per Nordby


Coffee beans from Nicaragua roasted in Göteborg. The El Cambalache is aromatic, spicy, pineapple, citrus, plum.

El Cambalache is a farm run by Samuel Zavala that has been in his family for 11 years. Per Nordby has been working with Samuel for five years and as a young agronomist Samuel uses both his family tradition and his own education to grow coffee beans on the farm. Samuel is in love with Maracaturra, a variety with big beans and when treated iright a unique fruity and spicy flavour. This lot is a honey process where Samuel pulp the coffee cherry and let it dry with muscilage. First one day in the sun on patios, then in the shade on tables for 12 days and finally 2 days in the sun on patios. This method is Samuels own and a result of many years of trials.


Coffee beans from Kenya and roasted in Göteborg. The coffee tastes bold with tones of blackcurrant, jam and lemon.

Kamwangi Coffee Factory is located on the slopes of Mt. Kenya in the north east corner of Kirinyaga. Kamwangi is one of three factories managed by Ngariama FCS. The main varieties are SL28 and SL34 with small amounts of K7 and Ruiru 11 – a very typical assortment of varietals in Kenya. The rich volcanic soil helps bring out the taste in the coffee. Water for the process station comes from nearby Nyamindi river. Kamwangi also have a water recirculation system set up as well as eight waste-water soaking pits to help minimise the environmental impact.