Sharing values – building together

We believe that nice people who share the same agenda and values can move mountains – and that is what we do on a daily basis. When we trust each other, we can work much more effectively together. Trust is a key factor for us in building new software companies.

Adapting to the entrepreneur’s needs

We know that entrepreneurs run their own business to gain freedom and have the possibility to make their own decisions. Therefore, our working model is flexible. There’s no one-fit-all model. We adapt to the entrepreneur’s needs by providing advice and working hands-on in the project.

What an entrepreneur can expect

Technical expertise

Our tech team comprises about 20 senior fullstack developers who are experienced in building tech products, processes and tech organisations from scratch. Together they cover all aspects of software development – from web and app development to api, ai, devops and scalability.

Business support functions

We have specialists within all fields of expertise such as corporate governance, business strategy, finance, legal, tech, product packaging, accounting, organization, design, brand and communications.


Together we agree on a business deal that suits both of us. After that, we will support you in finding and selecting funding solutions. We are well-connected with many different loan possibilities, business angels and venture capital firms.

Best practice

Based on years of experience, we have valuable knowledge about all the challenges a startup company faces and how to solve them. It can be about administration around raising capital, ownership or legal issues and many other things.

Business network

Over the years, we have built up a trustworthy business network that we open up for our startups to find the right resources and contacts.

Applying a long-term perspective

Djäkne Startup Studio’s investment strategy is not a fast exit. Our aim is to build sustainable companies that are equipped for scaling. We share the same goals as the entrepreneur. This approach gives everybody involved time to plan and execute step by step. Having said that, we are always open to discuss a business sale if there is a good offer on the table.

“Djäkne Startup Studio vibrates with something different. It’s dynamic and without doubt a fertile breeding ground for young companies. As an investor I am appealed by the fact that Djäkne Startup Studio follows a different path from many other studios. It’s promising.”

Jerker Sundström, investor, SecuDimi AB and former partner at Accent Equity Partners

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